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NAVCOM the leader of marine electronics in Africa


Navcom  aims to be the best service organisation in west & Central Africa . Customers and manufacturers must experience our added value. Navcom  is hardware of the crucial importance of maintenance and repair on ships. Wherever it may be; on board a ship, on a rig in the open seas, and in all major ports along the international shipping routes we offer fast response to solve the problem. Owing to the know-how and expertise of our technical staff we are in a position to offer our customers specialist technical advice and efficient service. The logistic support through our worldwide network is crucial and ensures fast supply of the necessary spare parts and equipment.

  • Service is our strength   Service of a wide-ranging delivery programme of products and brands
  • Independent supplier of top-ranking products, and service that emphasises quality
  • Over  14 yeomans of know-how and expertise in maritime technology
  • Excellently trained staff, specialised in the latest maritime technological developments
  • Specialists in safety instructions and maritime regulations.

RADIO SURVEYS :    ABS , DNV , BV, GL approved

NAVCOM is approved by above classification socities to carry out radio surveys on vessels (ships, rigs,...) in west and Central Africa sub-region.


For more information over our service organisation you can e-mail to


Navcom is applicable to install, repair and maintain ship's communication, navigational equipment.