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SMR -3600




Color LCD Marine Radar

The SMR-3600 is a Color LCD Marine Radar that conforms to related rule and regulation, which adopts 10.4” high resolution raster scanning system that enables clear and easy-to-view display.


  • Head up / North up / Course up
  • Form 0.125 mile to 36 miles Zoom getting into quick target detection
  • Use of solid aluminium Die Castings
  • Alarm on Guard Zone
  • Off-centering function
  • Own ship’s position and Waypoint Display
  • Adopted 10,4”TFT Color LCD.
  • Built in high-speed CPU : indicate target quickly & accurately.
  • Able to choose brightness of color in 10 levels for navigation at night.
  • Can choose the PPI screen color within white, yellow, green.
  • Adopted 8 directions key to make cursor move with speed.
  • Can set up the range in many ways the user needed.
    Intermittent Tx mode : can operate with low electric consumption.
  • Can move screen center point and observe the long distance of the desired direction.
  • Display parallel line : Can maintain certain distance between other vessel.
  • Setting-up warning zone for invasion and separation in various method.


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