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type: Sonar Chart
Display: Monochrome LCD
Screen Size (inches): 6
Power (w): 300
Resolution (Pixels): 240x320
Frequency (kHz): 50/200
NMEA: yes
Power (VDC): 12
Water resistance: IPX5

Big brother of the LS4100, LS6100 offers the screen size greater than 6 inches (15cm)
- Multilingual
- Customizable Display Mode: Single and dual frequency, bottom zoom, bottom lock, bottom marker
- And daily total log
- Programmable function key
- Central Navigation: entry with 12 waypoints, display of apparent wind
- 5 configurable alarms: Alarm substance, fish alarm, alarm water temperature, speed.
- Scale base from 2 to 500 m

The LS6100 is the first dual-frequency sonar range Furuno. Equipped with a new black and white display specially designed for outdoor use, you will be surprised by its quality display.
The dual frequency synthesizers 50 and 200 kHz associated with an output power of 300 watts rms offer comfort detection in small and large funds.
In addition to the basic functions of the sounder, when connected to a speed sensor, temperature, a GPS or a weather vane, the LS4100, LS6100 like turns into a powerhouse of navigation.
It also has a new "Target Data Output". This feature allows you to exit the position and depth of a target pointing to the cursor (wrecks).
This mode also has a sonar fish automatic from commercial fishing, it does not always icons of fish, but the funds actually detected and the echoes in real fishing parties
This product offers an excellent quality / price ratio

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