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type: Sonar Chart
Display: TFT color LCD
Screen Size (inches): 10.4
Power (w): 1000-3000
Resolution (Pixels): 640x480
Frequency (kHz): 25-52
Frequency (kHz): 66-110
Frequency (kHz): 140-170
Frequency (kHz): 184-220
NMEA: yes
Power supply (Vcc): 12-24
Water resistance: IPX5

After FCV1150 and 12.1''screen, Furuno presents its new sonar FCV295 in 10.4''.
With the same technological innovations, this new product is a boon if you need more space!

An FDF technology exclusive FURUNO: the digital filter optimizes the performance of your discrimination and improves control of gain,
A new method for automatic adjustment: it is calculated with the depth of your funds and not with the selected scale,
Frequency adjustable to your sensors,
The new treatment allows a return of the gain after adjustment, to apply as well to your new echoes to those already treated,
Function white outline shows you the fish at the bottom of the bottom,
Double standards and a return to low and high frequency on both sides of your screen.

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