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RLN - 6308


Ultra High Capacity Li-Ion Battery

Business radios run on batteries. More battery: more business radio endurance per charge. If your employees work long or double shifts or you just need a quick turn around from your handheld 2-way radios, you should consider purchasing Motorola's ultra high capacity Li-ion battery for your business walkie-talkies. The RLN6308 ultra high capacity Li-ion battery ships standard with 4 and 5 watt radios.

In a 4-watt work walkie-talkie or a 5-watt business radio, your ultra high capacity Li-ion battery will deliver as much as 18.5 hours of radio power per charge. Adding an ultra high capacity Li-ion battery really turns up the juice on your 2-watt business radios delivering as much as 26 hours from a single charge!


ULTRA HIGH CAPACITY LI-ION BATTERY, 2400 mAh, RLN6308 aka 60012000001. This battery is compatible with the CP110 and RDX style radios.

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