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BC - 119N


BC-119N Desktop Charger. For rapid charging of Icom transceiver battery packs. Includes an AC adapter. Charging time: 1.5 to 2 hours.

IMPORTANT:  You will also need a battery cup and/or connection boards for your specific transceiver which is sold separately below. 

  • For the IC-A4 you will also need the AD-81 cup.
  • For the IC-A14 or IC-A14S you will also need the AD-106 cup.
  • For the IC-A6 or IC-A24 you will also need the AD-101 cup.
  • For the IC-A3 or IC-A22 you will also need the AD-50 cup and the AD-75 connection board. NOTE: The both the AD-50 and AD-75 have been discontinued by Icom and are no longer commercially available. The only other option for the IC-A3 and IC-A22 is Wall Charger.

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