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type: Sonar Chart
Screen: Color LCD
Screen Size (inches): 5.6
Power (w): 600
Resolution (Pixels): 234x320
Frequency (kHz): 50/200
NMEA: yes
Power supply (Vcc): 12-24
Water resistance: IPX5

HE reference in terms of sonar by the World No. 1 professional fishing.
Detection abolue make this sonar digital filter one of the most accurate of its kind.

- Digital
- Rotary
- Function "Accu Fish"
- New digital filter technology
- Swivel bracket
- Menu in French
- Demonstration Mode

The REAL fishfinder par excellence: the FCV620 integrates technology professional pollsters équippent the vast majority of trawlers worldwide. No compromise, no gadgets, up to the efficiency, rendering maximum for an analysis of fluid detected echoes.
. And sunlight readable from all angles
. Small footprint, it can be built or placed on a hinged bracket supplied.
. Digital, it offers excellent detection at shallow depth (50 cm)
. Amazing, the Accu fish can accurately measure the number, size and depth of the fish detected.
. Equipped with the new technology of digital filter: The filter removes digital noise from surface and facilitates the detection in shallow water. It allows to detect the echoes of the fish near the surface of the water. The digital filter optimizes the gain and provides high definition images of the seabed. It also removes effectively the echoes in the probe.
. Its 256-color analysis allows the perfect background and echoes.
. Its IP55 sealing allows of course to be installed outside.
. Its knobs allow offshore selection easier than keys to support.
. Its menu in French (5 languages ​​in total) is intuitive.
. Connected to the navigation unit, the FCV620 is a great coach for the outside with lots of color graphics pages.
. A wide selection of probes and sensors is proposed, find the strength, the diameter of the cable and see why the FCV620 will be the companion of your fishing party for a long time ...

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