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NAVCOM the leader of marine electronics in Africa



Security apparatus par excellence, the M1623 is a radar X-band radar, ie it receives distress signals from radar transponders (contrary to the Broadband radar can not detect transponder signals of vessels in distress) . The dissipated energy varies from 0.5 to 1 Watt as scale and is less than a GSM mobile phone.

Screen (Inch): 6
Resolution (pixels): 320 x 240
Antenna Type: Radome
Scale (MN): 16
Power (KW): 2.2
Antenna Size (Inches): 38
Weight (kg): Indicator 1.1 Air 4.6
NMEA0183 port: an input / output or 2 input
Temperature (° C): -15 to 55 Flag Air -25 to 55
Sealing: Air Indicator IPX5 IPX6

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