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Antenna UHF 6" 430-470 MHz for CP100 CP150 CP200 CT15CT250 CT100 CT450 EP450 GP3188 GP3688 GP300 GP68 GP88 GP140 GP320 GP340 GP380 GP640 GP680 GP1280 HT600 HT750 HT1250 HT1550 MT1000 P110 P200 PR400 PRO1150 PRO3150 PRO5150 PRO7150 PRO9150 SP10 SP21 SP50 Spirit-M, etc

Antenna UHF 6" 430-470 MHz For SP10, SP21, SP50, Spirit-M, P110, P200, GP300, GP68, PRO1150/3150/5150/7150/9150, HT600, HT750/1250/1550, GP140/320/340/380/640/680/1280 etc.

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