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Lightweight single adjustable with swival boom microphone and in-line PTT desogned for use with Motorola.

Use the Motorola RMN-4016 with the following products :

  • Motorola CT-150
  • Motorola CT-450LS

Lightweight headset with single speaker, Padded headband, standard PTT and 2.5/3.5mm Right Angle 2-Prong Connector.

Lightweight headsets enable you to communicate through your two-way radio without having to pick it up.

This lightweight over-the-head headset consists of a Single Muff w/ Swivel Boom Mic.

The RMN4016A is recommended for light-duty uses like retail, hospitals, restaurants, and trade shows.  

Warranty: Your headset is protected by our 90 day warranty protection progr

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