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DSC RM-2042


M.V Polarfront
Principal Particulars
Port of Registery Bergen Yard Fitjar Mek Verksted A/S,
Call sign LDWR Year of building 1976
IMO No. 7608708 Class Det Norske Veritas
257 157 000 Class Notation +1A1,E0, Ice C
Inmarsat C - Class No. 10693
Email Official No. -
GSM telephone 0047 951 10 773
GSM telefax 00 871 325 715 711
Length OA 54.25m
Length BP 48.20m
Breadth MId 10.02m
Depth MId 4.46m
Summer Load Draft 4.30m
GT 927
NT 278
Main Engine:

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