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SAILOR 60 Satellite TV System is built for maritime professionals, ideal for smaller craft or coastal vessels. It combines a rugged design with advanced tracking technology to deliver high quality TV reception at sea. Multiple tracking methods, fast satellite acquisition and an extra-wide elevation range ensure a steady signal, even when traveling for long distances, in rough seas or in polar regions. Should the antenna momentarily lose its signal due to bad weather or blockage, the hardware and software in SAILOR Satellite TV systems are fully optimized to reacquire satellite signals quickly and automatically.

A full system consists of:

- 60 cm Satellite TV Antenna Unit
- Antenna Control Unit
- SAILOR N-163S Power Supply Unit
- 25mtrs Antenna Control Cable

Features & Benefits

  • Rugged design for reliable operations in maritime conditions on board of coastal vessels and yachts
  • User-friendly control unit with intuitive interface making operating the system easy
  • Menu choices cover what you need, without an overwhelming list of options
  • For advanced maintenance or adjustments, the control unit has an easily accessible interface for laptop connection
  • Push button control upon entering a new satellite territory to switch satellites – no manual adjustments above deck are necessary
  • Compatible with all major satellite service providers
  • Includes pre-installed satellite locations and offers the option to easily change locations if desired
  • 3rd generation platform offers the security of proven performance and technology anchored in constant improvement
  • Important tool to enhance the welfare of officers and crew, making it easier to recruit – and retain – crew


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