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Product Description

The Icom IC-F14-01-RC business two way radio is a heavy duty 5 watt 136 -174MHz VHF radio designed for daily use while being very particle and economical. The IC-F14is a mil spec, and very rugged 16 channel radio ready for use in a wide variety of business environments. The Icom IC-F14 is ideal for companies that need reliable, durable radios that are also affordable and easy to use.

With 16 channels and CTCSS/DCTS tone filtering you can have interruption free communications. The IC-F14 series has an expansion socket for adding an optional board for voice scrambling, etc… With 500mW audio output it provides clear, low noise sound output. Add to this Normal and priority scan and a low battery alert. The IC-F14 is great for businesses that need flexible communications in a reliable and easy to use radio.

The Icom IC-F14 is able to use Li-ion or AA alkaline batteries (with optional AA adapter tray), and comes with a Li-ion battery pack. The radio also comes with a belt clip and removable antenna. The IC-F14 comes with a BC 160 01 Rapid Charger for even less down time.

Audio Sample

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Icom IC-F14 Features


Included with the Icom IC-F14
  • Icom IC-F14-01-RC Two Way Radio (VHF)
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (BP-232N)
  • Rapid Charger (BC-160)
  • Belt Clip (MB-94)
  • Removable Antenna
  • Port Cover with Screws
  • Replacement Expansion Slot Cover
  • Owners Manual

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