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The Icom IC-F11 fits the needs of many different types of businesses. Groups like landscapers, food caterers, the local nursery, and small motels can now address their onsite communications needs with confidence. No more interruptions. And staying in touch with immediate two-way communications has never been more budget-friendly.

About the Icom IC-F11 from BearCom

It’s always been important to keep the work flow consistent. Ease of use and having the features you need makes that possible with the Icom IC-F11. You don’t have to fight a loud PA system. You don’t have to invest in a costly cell phone to do the same job. You can answer customer questions immediately, check your inventory, and increase your overall efficiency.

Additional Information about the Icom IC-F11

Making use of the Icom IC-F11 also improves your productivity customer relations. This is a powerful unit that delivers a full 5 watts when you need it. Or you can adjust the unit for lower power (outdoor usage and indoor usage often require different settings).

More Details about the Icom IC-F11

What you receive from the Icom IC-F11 is crystal-clear communications. Controls for the transmission and selection of channels make your employees’ jobs easier. And minimal training is required, which is a big plus for organizations with high turnover rates and multiple shift changes.

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