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NAVCOM the leader of marine electronics in Africa



GP 340-380, ATEX standard.
Ex II2D IP6x A21, D21 ib T 110 ° C.
Best Protection in the Form of Dust Cloud, IP64.
ATEX certification warranty, use with or without cover specific.
GP340Ex 16 Channels) / 255 GP380Ex Channels, CTCSS / PL, 5-tone signaling.
Available in VHF Band 136-174 MHz and 403-470 MHz UHF
power 1Watts
Channel spacing 12.5 / 20/25 kHz programmable
Channel Lockout
Vox (VOX)
Emergency signaling, EscalertTM
Lone Worker option (version ManDown)
X-Pand Voice Compression ®
Channel Scan, Low Voice Mode
Four Soft Keys
Antenna Short 9cm on request
Battery 1480 mAh Li-ion Battery life: 11 hours
Belt clip, accessory socket.
Dimensions: 148 x 60 x 39 mm.

Weight: 562g (GP340Ex), 570g (GP380Ex)
Many accessories ATEX on request.
Fields of application and application examples

Professional Radio, ATEX WARRANTY
Platform Oil, Gas or any other potentially explosive atmosphere.
Integrated lone worker protection, EscalertTM.

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