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type: Fixed GPS
Display: Monochrome LCD
Screen Size (inches): 4.5
Number of Channels: 12 parallel
Resolution (Pixels): 120x164
Interfaces: NMEA0183
Water resistance: IPX5
Power supply (Vcc): 12/24
Dimension (mm): 175x125x78
Bindings: Bracket / Flush
Waypoint: 999
Alarm sound: yes

THE value!

Combined Lorqui most card readers, radar, sonar include a GPS antenna, make a point to know his way combination means turn on the screen, often color, source of consumption.
The GP32 is one of the few GPS equipped with a small LCD screen that allows low to make his way regardless of energy.

Of course its input / output NME0183 can connect to a handset.

. The GP32 incorporates new technology SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems). This technology offers an additional correction satellite accuracy of your GPS, thus increasing significantly the accuracy of measurements.
. Systems increase the accuracy of satellite positioning (SBAS) are divided into three zones: the WAAS for North America (validation planned for 2003), the EGNOS for Europe (operational in 2004) and MSAS (operational in 2005) for Asia. This system will free the accuracy of the GPS system in less than a meter in a very reliable.
. With the latest high contrast display, you will find in the GP32 the precision and reliability of Furuno products for many years.

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