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NAVCOM the leader of marine electronics in Africa


Gateway Navcom  was founded in 1997 with the purpose of installing, maintaining and operating maritime radio stations. In the years to follow the company acquired a world-wide reputation as a maritime electronics specialist. Today Navcom  is a leading system house specialised in innovative, efficient, and functional solutions in the field of satellite and radio communication, observation and navigation systems. We supply, integrate and install high-quality sophisticated on-board electronic equipment for the benefit of deep-sea navigation, the offshore industry, fishing industry, coastal and inland shipping, but also for dredgers, survey- and research vessels. A complete range of quality products from well-established manufacturers allows us to offer every customer tailor-made solutions varying from supply and installation to entérinement, project management, shore-based maintenance .We offer fast and reliable service in Ouest and Central Africa sub-région.

You can reach us via our e-mail address: or via internet

For more information over our service organisation you can email to :